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Workshops Available from RCEP7.ORG


A core mission of the RCEP7.org project is to provide workshops/training for Gambling Rehabilitation agencies and counselors in the US, UK and AUS). These training workshops are available free of charge and to other rehabilitation groups. Currently we have workshops available in the following topics:



• Job Placement for Recovering Gamblers • Community-Based Assessment Workshop
• Employment Counseling Workshop • Ethical Case Management Workshop
• Recovery Incentives Workshop • Gambling Recovery Aspects Workshop



Job Placement for Recovering Gamblers


This workshop has grown out of a need to continually improve the quality and number of job placements by problem gambling counselors. Participants will discover what employers expect and how we feel we are doing to meet those expectations. The key purpose of the workshop is to help build strategies and techniques that foster a relationship of trust between you and the employer. The content is designed to provide the participant with a fast and easy way to analyze a problem and determine the level and type of intervention, thus relieving some of the anxiety that accompanies making placements.


Audience: Anyone involved in the placement of individuals with problem gambling

Length: Two day training (15 hours)

Format: Highly interactive, including employer contacts

Employment Counseling Workshop

Over the past several years, the expectations of customers of the counselling system and of funding agencies have changed. This workshop focuses on techniques in problem gambling counseling, assessment strategies, and addressing the individual issues facing each client with a more holistic approach. Client choice is emphasized using problem gambling counseling methods to expand the employment horizon and, at the same time, deal with new challenges in today's employment market. This is done by focusing on employment outcomes where the employment candidate shares the responsibility of the problem gambling counseling process and assumes the accountability for getting and keeping a job.


Audience: Anyone involved in the employment counseling process

Length: Two-day training (14 hours). One-half day follow-up 6-8 weeks later, to discuss the community based skill building exercises assigned.

Format: Highly interactive and community-based

Recovery Incentives Workshop


This workshop provides education and practical introduction to all the incentives available for individuals that are in a problem gambling recovery program. It is usually done in cooperation with a representative from a larger support group. Participants have the opportunity to apply each incentive to different scenarios. 


Audience: For anyone who needs to have information abut recovery incentives

Length: Two days 

Format: Activity based, highly participatory

Community-Based Assessment Workshop


This workshop introduces an alternative approach to problem gambling assessments. The approach is based on the idea that the family, job, and community should be part and parcel of the person's assessment. The purpose of community-based assessment is to identify supports in the four critical aspects of an individual's life that will facilitate healing opportunities. Includes workbook.


Audience: Anyone involved in the assessment process who wants to experience an alternative method

Length: Two days

Format: Community based, highly participatory

Ethical Case Management Workshop


The Ethical Case Management workshop is designed to increase skills for dealing with ethical dilemmas in a problem gambling recovery setting. The training teaches a reasoning process for ethical decision-making. It is designed to prepare participants to more systematically draw upon personal values, the values of their agencies, the values of clients, the Code of Professional Ethics, and case information when making decisions. 


Audience: Primarily for public Rehabilitation counselors

Length: Two days 

Format: Activity based, highly participatory

Gambling Recovery Aspects Workshop


This workshop teaches counselors about the significant features of problem gambling. Done in conjunction with the production of the new Handbook of Gambling Recovery, the presentations cover, underlying causes, associated terminology, functional issues, common treatments and side effects, and social implications. 




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